Tico/Tica: As stated, Central People in america love nicknames on their own and you will Costa Ricans are not any different

Gennaio 22, 2023

Tico/Tica: As stated, Central People in america love nicknames on their own and you will Costa Ricans are not any different

Yuca: Literally “yucca” (new veggie). Into the Este Salvador they use which word so you can imply “difficult” otherwise hard/hard. “Este examen fue muy yuca” (the test are very difficult).

Birria: Everywhere Central America anyone make use of the title “birra” (throughout the English) as a substitute to possess cerveza, definition “beer”. Apart from into the El Salvador in which they’re going to throw in the extra syllable to own stylish feeling.

Chupar: Chupar is the verb “so you’re able to draw”, utilized more often than not inside an intimate method (this really is a family group web site thus I am going to say only about that). But whoever talks Language knows why. From inside the El Salvador, no matter if, this can be a slang title meaning “drink”. Like, to drink things (the newest verb) perhaps not a particular take in (the fresh noun).


Nica: This is exactly simple. Nica stands for Nicaraguense (Nicaraguan). It’s exactly what Nicaraguans telephone call themselves each other just like the a matter away from pleasure. Take note Nica form both male and female. There is absolutely no “Nico/Nica” thing happening. And, including “Catracho” when you look at the Honduras, Nicas make use of it to explain one thing Nicaraguan.

Chele/Chela: Chele originates from “leche“ (milk – trading brand new syllables around). Just what the colour are milk? Yep, it’s Nicaraguan jargon to possess light/blonde anybody. When you are white otherwise blond for the Nicaragua, they’ll label you chelemon and in the El Salvador.

Dale porque/Virtual assistant ya que: It term is more wider-based, but basically means – according to framework – “proceed” otherwise “let’s exercise!” and other form of contract. Nicaraguans will not pronounce the fresh “s” on the stop out-of words, therefore, the “pues“ may appear such “poo-eh”.

Costa Rica

They label by themselves Ticos/Ticas when you look at the honor of your own federal practice of including a good diminutive suffix to terms and conditions in order to denote love and you can cuteness. Such as for example “perro“ (dog) gets “perrito“ (sweet absolutely nothing dog).

Mae: Possible hear “mae“ a great deal inside the Costa Rica. What i’m saying is a great deal. Such as for example to the end of any sentence when you find yourself talking-to some one over the age of 40 and you may between other term when you find yourself talking to some one according to the ages of 40. It indicates “buddy” otherwise “mate”.

Pura vida: Something else entirely you can listen to and see almost everywhere in the Costa Rica. “Pura vida“ (sheer life) may be the national motto. It indicates that which you and nothing. “Hello”. “Goodbye”. “That’s cool”. “That’s lifetime”. “Really don’t proper care”. “It is all an effective”. Pura vida describes the latest Costa Rican psychology to be cool aside. Often it means you might be very cold away you don’t worry. Fun truth: It comes regarding a good 1950s Mexican motion picture and extremely doesn’t have anything to do with Costa Rica.

Tuanis: Of numerous believe “tuanis” is inspired by the brand new English terminology “also sweet”. And this kinda sorta relates to the definition from it. Tuanis setting “cool”, “good”, “nice”, all of that positive content. Whenever someones states tuanis to you personally they’re not let down, place it like that. But it’s nothing whatsoever regarding something in the English. Ignore “also sweet”. Tuanis originates from army password produced by 19th century Salvadoran Standard Francisco Malespin, where the guy switched around syllables to help you terms and conditions to produce brand new ones. Too challenging to get in here, however, a beneficial 2014 blog post on Tico Moments makes reference to they rather really.

Mopri: “Mopri” (mo-pri) is primo in reverse (pri-mo). It goes back again to a similar code from your pal Standard Malespin. Primo form “cousin” inside the Foreign-language however, many fool around with mopri, usually reduced down to “mop” given that another way off stating mae.

Chunche: This is certainly an excellent Tico tiquisimo (an extremely Costa Rican expression). Zero chce tatuaЕј randki real interpretation so you can they, nevertheless setting “thing” or “whadjamacallit” otherwise “thingamajig” or almost any phrase you employ to possess something you do not know brand new term from.

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